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Real Estate Tips For You

What Services Do Locksmiths Offer?

by Earl Larson

It is perhaps understandable, but some people think that all a locksmith will do for them is change their property's locks if they can't find their key or they've locked themselves out. Although this is certainly a service that a typical locksmith will offer both residential and commercial clients, it is definitely not the only type of service that is on offer. What else do qualified locksmiths do these days? Read on to find out.

Gaining Entry

Sometimes, you need a locksmith to get into a building even if you don't need the locks to be changed. This can be the case among residential landlords, for example, if their tenant has secured a chain lock on their property before vacating it. You might need to get in forcibly under such circumstances to prepare the home for a new tenant. If so, calling on the services of a professional locksmith could save a lot of time and hassle getting in.

Unlocking Safes

It is not just door locks that cause a problem. Among the many services on offer from locksmiths is the ability to get a safe unlocked for which the key or the passcode has been lost. Locksmith services of this type cover most types of residential safes. You may need a more specialized service provider for high-security safes, however.

Offering Security Advice

Under certain circumstances, locksmiths will be able to offer you a consultation about how you can improve the security of your home or business premises. Although security consultants tend to offer a more in-depth service, many locksmiths around the country will inspect your current door and window locks to let you know where the weakest spots are that represent the likeliest entry points for criminals. Usually, they'll offer a quotation for upgrading your current locks for ones that are harder to pick or that have multiple anchor points, which make them harder to break through.

Repairing Entry Systems

Some locks don't come with keys. Many businesses have punch code entry systems at their main entrance to allow authorised people to get in while keeping others out. These can go wrong from time to time or need to be reprogrammed with a new code because someone who has the current one no longer has the authorisation to use it. Many UK-based locksmiths offer these sorts of services and can deal with repairs to RFID fob entry systems, as well.

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